There are many writers and communication consultants you could call on. Here’s why my work stands out from the norm.

More hands-on leadership experience
I look through the lens of the business goals and realities day-to-day. I know how to communicate strategy as straight talk that gets results and avoid corporate- speak that does not.

Focus (and experience) inside the organization
Helping leaders communicate means knowing what it takes to engage people and accomplish change. It’s not the same as journalism, PR, or building a brand.

The belief that your voice is what matters
I rely on my experience for insight, not to prescribe. I help you articulate what is true for you, in a natural style and an approach that feels right (rather than fitting a “proprietary model” or “best practice” others often promote).

Sustainability – CSR credentials and expertise in engagement and change 
This is the essential (and rare) blend of professional knowledge to help you accomplish deep change.  One area without the other is simply not enough.

The ability to step in with the support you need, no less and no more
You may want a little help to polish your draft.  Or, full support from idea to execution. You decide.