“…once again your excellent work pulled us over the finish line.”

“…she’s got my back….thinks through all the implications of the messages and helps me prepare answers.  If I hadn’t thought of those things as a leader, it would not be good.”

“…meeting was a brilliant success….thanks to you, I was so well-prepared, I could relax and focus on
the discussion.”

“Thank you! People are saying they heard what they need…they are excited again.”

“…you helped me look good in front of a tough committee….much less resistance now and much more support.”

“…board meeting was an incredible success. Everyone went away thrilled with the information about our direction. Thank you!”

“she has great insight…picks up what’s going on…hot spots, anxiety, attitudes about change…and helps us douse any fires.”

“ I trust her with diplomacy, confidentiality, confidence.”

“I didn’t appreciate how my piece fit into the big picture.  Thanks for your insight.  I’m glad you steered me to talk about the larger project.”

“Susan is intuitive about risks and impacts…and always knows what’s needed.”

“presentation was great…you always make me look good.”

“…..great talent for pinpointing the nuances of discussions.”

“thanks for the changes….they really improve it, and your support at the eleventh hour really helped me over the finish line.”

“I was the only panel member who got applause.  Most of the audience questions were directed to me, and I got many compliments.  People said they really identified with what I covered.  Thank you.”

“a big thank you for all your detailed preparatory work, calm approach and insight…it went extremely well.  You could feel the energy in the room and level of engagement.”

“…upfront honest, doesn’t shy away from challenges, pushes you further, but always in a supportive way.”

“thanks again for your excellent work.  It was a tremendous accomplishment to get this all together in the time frame.”

“I couldn’t believe how quickly you grasped our business.”